Jason Gray Releases New Single "Glow in the Dark" Ahead of EP

Jason Gray

Singer and songwriter Jason Gray is back with his new single "Glow in the Dark."  The single is the only new song on the upcoming EP, Post Script, which features eight songs from Gray's Love Will Have The Final Word that are either remixes, overcuts or demos. Post Script will only be available online June 9.

"Sometimes I find myself in the lucky position of being in the 'right place, right time,'" says Al Skop, Program Director, Host of The Message, SiriusXM. "That happened recently during a visit to Centricity Music, when I was able to hear Jason sing live, 'Glow In The Dark.' It was the first time I had heard the song, along with Centricity's Vice President of A&R, John Mays. It was right then I knew the song would go on to change attitudes...and maybe even lives! That's the kind of impact the lyrics had on me."

The song, co-written by Gray and Ben Glover, is a powerful message about the attempt to find Grace over our struggles. 

Doesn't matter how deep, how dark the night is

Keep hoping, keep on shining

And they'll see His light burning in your heart

And if the road gets rough, just keep your head up

Let the world see what you're made of

That His love's alive in your deepest parts

Like a flame, like a burning star you can shine right where you are

He made you to glow in the dark.  

The remaining song selections on Post Script cover eight tunes from Gray's current studio album, Love Will Have The Final Word. "Love's Not Done With You," "Begin Again," and "As I Am" are remixes, with the final five songs being previous bonus tracks that could only be purchased at Gray's concerts. 
Gray is currently in a busy songwriting season in preparation for his upcoming studio record that is scheduled to release in Spring 2016. He recently had a songwriting session with Jars of Clay frontman, Dan Haseltine. Gray says, "I got to write a song today with an artist whose work I have admired and been inspired by for 20 years. I can't wait for you to hear our new song, 'The Wound Is Where The Light Gets In.'" 

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