Check out Audio Adrenaline's New Lyric Video "Sounds of the Saints"

Audio Adrenaline

A new album by Audio Adrenaline is always an event, and now this Dove and Grammy award-winning band has more than two decades of music-making experience to draw on. On May 5, the band will be releasing their new album "Sound of the Saints." Now, you can check out the lyric video to the new single as well as the title cut.  

Their fresh, new studio project, Sound of the Saints, includes a reenergized lineup and marks the debut of frontman Adam Agee, not that he needs an introduction, the former lead singer of Stellar Kart seamlessly transitions into this new role where he's a perfect fit. They used that expertise to craft songs like the explosive "Move," sure to get everyone up on their feet, and more restrained tracks like "Love Was Stronger" where Agee's vocals really shine. Other soon-to-be-hits include the title track, a hymn-like tune that starts off with a galloping strum before it bursts into that big Audio Adrenaline sound we've come to know and love. It all adds up to a unique new collection with a timeless feel. 

Audio Adrenaline was formed in the mid 1980s at Kentucky Christian University in Grayson, Kentucky. The band has received two Grammy Awards and multiple Dove Awards. They were regular performers at the annual Creation Festival, Spirit West Coast festival, Agape Music Festival, and Alive Festival. In 2006, the group disbanded due to lead singer Mark Stuart's spasmodic dysphonia. After a six-year hiatus, the band reformed in 2012 with Kevin Max, formerly of DC Talk, as the new lead vocalist.

In June 2014, Max stepped down as lead singer of the band. He was replaced by Josh Engler, a former member of the band Abandon until February 2015 when Adam Agee of Stellar Kart was offered and accepted the role. Adam Agee released a single with Audio Adrenaline in 2015 titled "Love Was Stronger", which is planned to be released on "Sound of The Saints."





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