WE ARE LEO Releases "Fire Inside You" & Reveals Tour Dates

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WE ARE LEO have not only relesed thei brand new album on DREAM Records, but the Wisconsin quartet have shared new tour dates with their fans. Also, they are charting a new single at Rock radio and just finished their music video for their track, "Fire Inside You".  The music video was directed by drummer, Jonny Duffield. 

 WE ARE LEO started seven years ago in Kenosha, WI when Starbucks barista & part-time missionary, David Duffield, and his brother, graphic designer & youth leader, Jonny Duffield, built a make-shift recording studio and started cranking out rough, but passionate demos. They soon teamed up with worship leader/guitarist, Doug Weier, and eventually, guitarist, John Panzer, to meld their music, style and message into a synth-driven, pop-rock band with up-front guitars & contagious, upbeat hooks. WE ARE LEO states: "We believe that through these songs, young people will find hope, life and joy. We believe chains will be broken. We're fighting back against depression, doubt, apathy & addiction with the truth and love of Christ. We know that we live in a broken world but we know we don't have to let the failures and lies keep us down. This is music for those who want to live life to the fullest. It's for the dreamers, the believers; it's for the broken and the lonely who want to believe that broken hearts can find healing, and it's music for everyone who refuses to give up despite overwhelming odds."  

Check out what he had to say about the video

"The exciting thing about the Fire Inside You music video is that we made it very spur of the moment. We were out on tour driving through some amazing downtown areas in Jackson Mississippi. Jonny looked over at me and said "wow this would be a great location to shoot a video." So we grab our camera, gave it to our sound guy/roadie and started walking around getting footage. We knew we wanted to get a skyline shot, preferably on top of a building so we started walking around asking people if we could shoot a music video on their rooftops. After about three hours of scouting locations, i spotted this nice patio about 8 stories up. Jonny went in and started talking to the owner who turned out to be an awesome Christian dude. Once he had heard our story he immediately went to look us up on YouTube to watch some of our existing music videos. After seeing our stuff he got really excited and said we could use his building. We proceeded to pull our bus and trailer around and into his parking lot and set up our gear. We shot the whole scene in about an hour and we're back on the road by closing time. The whole thing felt pretty magical with the sunset, perfect weather and everything falling into place. It was a God thing for sure." 

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Check out the video here:

Check out their tour dates:

Apr 17 The Fightback Soundtrack Tour Amarillo, TX
Apr 18 The Fightback Soundtrack Tour Hobbs, NM
Apr 22 The Fightback Soundtrack Tour Lewisville, TX
Apr 26 The Fightback Soundtrack Tour Wakarusa, IN
May 01 The Fightback Soundtrack Tour Boone, IA
May 09 Denver Acquire The Fire Denver, CO
May 11 The Fightback Soundtrack Tour Tribune, KS
Jul 13 Residency/Camp Band July 13th-16th Williston, ND
Jul 17 Wachinyeya Fest Fort Yates, ND Tickets
Jul 20 Residency/ Camp Band July 20th- 24th Williston, ND
Jul 25 The Fightback Soundtrack Tour Scobey, MT
Sep 11 St Marks Church De Pere, WI

For more tour dates and more information about We Are Leo visit their website at or



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