Brandon Heath Surprises 4-Year-Old Who Has Cancer (Watch this Heartwarming Video)

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When singer and songwriter Brandon and SPIRIT 105.3 heard about 4-year-old Violet who has cancer, they joined together to plan something special. At Scotts Bar & Grill in Edmonds, Brandon surprised Violet for lunch-and an impromptu song performance just for her.

Pretending to be a waiter, Brandon approached Violet's table. Instantly, her face lit up. "I recognized him wight away!" Violet tells us. "And he singed to me!"

"They handed him his guitar," Shenay says. "He came around and he sang 'No Turning Back' for her. It was so sweet. She was just so, completely happy."

During lunch, Brandon and Violet colored together. She sat on his lap. He cut her food when she needed help.

"She kept saying, 'Brandon Heaff, Brandon Heaff!'" Shenay remembers. "He goes, 'Violet, you can call me Brandon, because we're friends now.' Now she's been on the phone, telling everyone that he's her friend." 

Violet is only four years old and she has cancer. When Violet was just 6 months old when doctors diagnosed her with retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer. 90% of her left eye was a tumor. Treatments required that a port-a-cath be surgically implanted into her tiny chest, and it was accessed by a large needle. Every 4 weeks, infant Violet received three types of chemotherapy and went under anesthesia for exams and scans.

Watching the chemo's effects was difficult for Violet's mom. "You see all the color go out of their face," Shenay says. "She got real pale. She'd get real sick. But she handled it so amazingly well. Everything she went through, my husband and I were just amazed by her. Jesus gave her strength." 

Watch the Video: Brandon Heath's Surprise Lunch with Violet! 

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