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Soul-Gospel artist Sean C. Johnson has just released a new video for his latest song "Nothing But a "G" Thang." The song is taken from upcoming project. "#CIRCA1993"

Sean writes, "When I was kid I loved reading comic books. The issues I enjoyed the most were the ones that told a heroes origin story. This album is my "origin story". While I'm no hero, I do have a story to tell and my story was shaped by four events that all 1993.

Event #2 - Falling in love with music. Year was 1993, Tampa, FL, summertime. And there was one song in particular that ruled the airwaves and kept me glued to my television screen. Despite the content, God used this song to pique my interest in music and spark a fire that is still burning."

For Sean, soul music comes natural. At first glance, one might not envision this former Air Force Staff Sergeant as a soul singer - no afro blowing in the wind and no "tortured genius" look. He does, however, have his own unique vibe - an unsuspecting and compassionate demeanor that produces a sound that pulls you in.  Sean offers music that lyrically takes the listener deep into the Word, flowing hypnotically over Neo Soul ballads and Hip Hop beats.  

Some of Sean's earliest influences include Quartet lengends The Dixie Hummingbirds, The Fairfield Four, and The Canton Spirituals.  Growing up in a family of singers (Mother was a music teacher) Sean spent Sunday dinners singing along to The Winans, The Clark Sisters, and Sam Cooke.  As his musical palete grew he was introduced to artist like D'Angelo, The Roots, John Legend, and Anthony Hamilton.  Falling in love with their sound at first listen, Sean melded these genres (Quartet, Hip Hop, Soul) to form his own brand of Soul Music. 

Sean is doing his part to continue to make Soul music a vital part of the Gospel music genre. "I think all genres need to be represented in Gospel music," Sean suggests. "Outside of regular worship service, gospel music you listen to should be like a buffet, something to satisfy every appetite. With Soul music, it's the same food, just seasoned differently." There are very few soul and neo soul gospel artist, but Sean's music represents a rising presence of the ministry and sound of real soul and real 'life music'.

Sean C. Johnson "Part 2: Nothing But A 'G' Thang" video:




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