Dave Mohr Has Left Remedy Drive to Form His Own Band

Remedy Drive

Dave Mohr, the guitarist of Remedy Drive, has announced his departure from the band. Mohr, his sister in law Olivia, and his wife Nicole (formerly of the band Press Play) have formed a band named The Era. The Era will reportedly be more of the roots/Americana/folk sound. 

Mohr joined the band after David Zach took over Remedy Drive at the departure of his brothers Daniel, Philip and Paul Zach. Mohr played guitar for the group for  the albums Resuscitate, and Commodity. 

"Like each of these periods, my time in Remedy Drive has been full of both intense joy, and intense struggle," Mohr writes, "I am thankful for it all, and would not trade the experiences and memories for anything."

Remedy Drive were originally called The Aslan Band when they formed in 1995 as a three-piece all-brother group, before a fourth brother, Paul, joined in 1998.They released their first album, Remedy, in 1998 under their original name. After changing their name to Remedy, they released four more independent albums: Remedy (The Blue One) (1999), Remedy (The Red One) (2001), Remedy: A Live Album (2003), and Magnify (2004), before once again changing their name, this time to Remedy Drive.

Their last independent album, Rip Open the Skies, was released on April 25, 2006 and has sold over 20,000 copies to date. Before signing for Word Records, the band played over 200 concerts a year in the Midwest and West Coast of the United States. 



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