Movie "As Dreamers Do," the Life of Walt Disney, Comes to DVD (Watch Trailer)

as dreamers do

Coming to DVD on Jan. 20 is the release of the faith-inspiring movie based on the life of Walt Disney "As Dreamers Do."  Narrated by country music star Travis Tritt, the movie features Christian rock musician Mark Allen Stuart as Walt's father Elias Disney and Olan Rogers.  

Everyone the world over has heard of Walt Disney and his wonderful world of imagination. He is well-known for his memorable characters in animation, and for his many live action movies. Many of us grew up watching "The Wonderful World of Disney" on Sunday nights, a show filled with the creative stories of nature, his lovable cartoons, and his unforgettable feature films. 

"As Dreamers Do: The Amazing Life of Walt Disney" takes a look at this intriguing man from his early years into his older years when he was using his God-given talents. From the time he was a little boy, Walt loved to draw and his imagination was already an important part of him. He saw things differently than most people around him. Walt had a supportive family, especially his older brother Roy and his Auntie Margaret, who encouraged him to have faith and believe in himself. 

This film shows the surroundings Walt Disney grew up in; his relationships with family members, and some of the hard times and financial problems he faced. But the most important lessons he learned were believing in himself, and believing that no matter how hard times can be, dreamers never quit. We are proud to award this movie the Dove Family Approved Seal for Ages 12 and over. 

Content Description 
Sex: None 
Language: H-4 
Violence: Discussion regarding the hazards of World War I 
Drugs: Many scenes of men smoking; narrator tells of man becoming a chain smoker; two men drinking from a flask and are intoxicated. 
Nudity: None 
Other: Woman having a type of dementia and dies; man has TB. 


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