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Tracy Stuffle of the Perrys was taken to the Hospital in the early hours of December 26th.The following is taken from the Perrys FaceBook page:

"Tracy was brought to ER by ambulance about 4:30am this morning. Think he had small seizure. He has a strong UTI and aspiration on right side of lungs. His vitals are all stable and good. CT scan was good. Put him on strong IV antibiotic. Admitting him now for a couple of days. Please, pray for him!!"

The Perrys were formed on December 25, 1970 with Randy Perry and his sisters Debbie and Libbi in Georgia. In the mid-1980s, the group signed with former pianist for the Happy Goodman Family, Eddie Crook on his Morning Star Records label. Libbi met and married Tracy Stuffle who would become the group's bass singer. Debbie left the group to rear her family and the Perrys were joined by soprano singer Denise Helton. During this time the Perrys experienced enormous growth in their popularity with such songs as "Get Involved", "We Shall Reign", "I Remember The Day", "The Mountain", "He Knows How", "Royal Descendant", "Grace", "The Rock of Ages", and "Look What I'm Trading for a Mansion" 

The Perrys had just released their StowTown Records album "Into His Presence" earlier this year.


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