Guy Penrod is Ready to Celebrate Christmas with "Christmas"

Guy Penrod

Guy Penrod is so ready to celebrate Christmas.  Not only has he got a brand new festive album out entitled "Christmas," he is ready to bring the Christmas cheer to the road.

His long flowing silver mane, his signature goatee, his huge glittering buckle belt, his glistering black cowboy boots, and his deep Southern raised accent certainly makes one think that Guy Penrod is plucked right out of a scene in one of those cowboy western movies.  Indeed, over the years, Penrod has used his Southern pedigree to the advantage of God's kingdom.  From 1994 up till 2009 Penrod has been singing the Lord's praises with the famed Gaither Vocal Band.  Together they have carved the mark of God's love across the globe with their engaging Southern Gospel music.  And since his retirement from the Gaithers, Penrod has gone on to release three solo records.  "Christmas" follows on the heels of the just released "Worship." 

"Christmas" is full of standards, ranging from "O Holy Night" to "Angels We Have Heard on High" -- selections Penrod says have stood the test of time with great reason. "We sing these things not purely out of tradition. Songs live because they are good, not because they're old. I feel the same way about these Christmas songs that have been around for so long and have such depth and meaning." 

When asked what was the meaning of Christmas, Penrod answers: "The first thing for me is that it's a birthday celebration for Jesus. I think it's silly to have all the controversy that we have nowadays about saying 'Merry Christmas' and trying to take the birthday boy out of his own birthday. That's the most important reason for the celebration. In our house, we lift him up and believe in his power to change someone. I'm a living, walking example." He does say the season is a festive time with his family. "In the context of that, we just have a blast as a family. We eat well, celebrate each other and do a lot of shooting clay-pigeon contests. It's just a fun and festive time of year for us." 

With regards to the name of the album titular "Christmas," Penrod laughs at the simplicity of the title.  "I'm kind of simple when it comes to that kind of stuff. I just figured that it's full of Christmas songs, so there's nothing better than just calling it Christmas. When I did an album of hymns, I called it Hymns, and when I did a worship album, we called it Worship. It makes sense, so we'll just go with it," he says.

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