Kirk Cameron Can't Save "Saving Christmas" at the Box Office as the Movie Tanks

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Growing Pains' star Kirk Cameron's much anticipated faith-themed "Saving Christmas" has tanked at the box office.  Despite heavy promotions, the movie has been met with tepid responses even from evangelical Christians.

"Saving Christmas" received a low 10 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, a meager 2.5 rating on IMDb.  The movie didn't even rank in the top 10 at the box office its first weekend (it came in at number 15). The number one movie this past weekend (Dumb and Dumber To) was also new and grossed $36.1 million while "Saving Christmas" couldn't even make $1 million, coming in at $992,087.    

In an attempt to bridge the culture and the Christian faith, Cameron goes on to argue in the movie to make connections between Christmas trees and Santa Claus to Jesus Christ.  Many critics felt that the Fireproof star has gone too far and that his reasonings were weak. Cameron undoubtedly maintains that everything involved with the Christmas celebration is paying homage to the birth of Jesus, Santa Claus, the carols, and the tree. 

"It's not sinful to have a Christmas tree," the father of six continued, "While Christmas trees are not in the Bible per-say you do find God making trees, you find God filling trees with fruit in the book of Genesis, you even find him putting lights on the branches of an almond tree and turning it into a lamp stand in the tabernacle and he gives gifts to his children at the base of trees." 

The film features Cameron and his brother-in-law who oppose the traditions of the holiday and simply want to celebrate the savior's birth without the distractions of everything else. Cameron says the character was "ruining Christmas for his wife, he's scrooge, he simply was listening to the wrong people," he asserted, "his intentions were good because he wants it to be about Jesus but he was just looking at it wrong so I had to come help him out, that's all."

"Savng Christmas' is in theaters now for two weeks only; to get tickets to see Cameron's take on Christmas visit Watch the trailer below:


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