Moto 360 vs. Apple Watch Thickness and Other Specs: Guess the Winner

Moto 360 vs. Apple Watch

Moto 360 vs. Apple Watch Thickness and Other Specs: Guess the Winner

If the wars of the smartphones were not enough, many will have to wait for the release of new wearable technology from the giants like Apple and Microsoft. Although smartwatches have been around for quite some time, many believe the Moto 360 is better than anything else in the market. This gadget has been reviewed by many tech experts in different corners of the world and they have found it better than Samsung and LG options.

On the other hand, Apple is yet to release its most anticipated Watch series, which will take on Moto 360 soon enough. Therefore, many people want to know if it's the right time to but Moto 360 or should they wait for Apple Watch.

Design and Display

Users who'd like a more classic watch design will find Moto's options far more suitable, but, on the other hand Apple is more futuristic and fashionable in every way. Where Moto 360 is all about a round dial, Apple Watch offers somewhat square deal with retina display, which certainly holds the advantage here.

Construction Toughness

While some of the other Android watches are available in plastic cases, Moto 360 is all about solid metal with buckle belt. Its components are tough and should stand normal usage. However, Apple has worked on stainless steel long with anodized aluminum and ion-X glass for scratch resistance and tough handling control. In fact, Sports edition handles most of the vigorous routines.

Colors and Options

Moto hardly provides any color options. In fact, there are not many choices with buckles either. However, Apple Watch comes in over 30 different models categorizing in sizes, colors, material, and buckle. There are actually many choices for both the sexes. Even people with different tastes and budgets can choose from three different editions.

Performance and Price

Moto 360 is definitely the most advanced smartwatch till now with notifications, timekeeping and several other options. But, again it cannot beat Apple Watch with map navigation, text message and mail reply features, built in speaker and microphone, tap functions and a lot more.

Moto 360 is available at $279 while Apple Watches will start at $349.                       

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