Samsung Galaxy Note Edge vs. Apple iPhone 6: 8.3mm thinness vs. 6.9mm thinness

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge vs Apple iPhone 6: 8.3mm thinness vs 6.9mm thinness

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge vs. Apple iPhone 6: 8.3mm thinness vs. 6.9mm thinness

It's been almost a month since the U.S. carriers confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge will be released in the latter part of this year. However, as of today, the specific release date remains a mystery. On the other hand, the 2014 iPhones from Apple have fulfilled the predicted levels of success in both the smartphone market and the media world, as the handsets have been upgraded and iOS 8 was released. 

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The brand new Samsung gadget, the Galaxy Note Edge, is considered a concept phone and a device that will be intriguing to people who are looking for a great smartphone replacement. Its list of specs is certainly lengthy and includes an 8.3mm-thin frame, a massive battery, a 16-megapixel camera with an upgraded Optical Image Stabilization function, a Samsung TouchWiz, a S Pen 4.4.4 Android Kitkat, a 2.7GHz Snapdragon Quad-Core 805, 3GB RAM and HD Quad resolution.

The Galaxy Note Edge is, by far, the most interesting alternative to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. But, as previously mentioned, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T have unfortunately not released a confirmation statement yet to inform the public of the much-awaited release date.

The Apple iPhone 6, on the other hand, is already available, as many readers would already know. The handset upgrade is a 4.7-inch device, while its internal storage can be either 16GB, 64GB or 128GB, and gray, gold and silver are the colors that are available to choose from. The iPhone 6 runs on Apple's A8/M8 platform.

The iPhone 6's feel and look are superb. In fact, most people say this is the best handset design they've seen in a long time. The smartphone's four corners and edges are curved, wrapping around toward the back of the device, where an aluminium-based material is interrupted by well-fitted strips that give way to the phone's antenna—the back looks very similar to the HTC One M8.

Prospective buyers will be pleased to know that the thinness of the iPhone 6, which is only 6.9mm thick, does not compromise the connectors and buttons that feel fine during daily use in previous models. Its power button is located on the right edge, alongside the slot for the nano-SIM card. The lightning connection port that is also for charging and the phone's speaker are all located on the bottom of the handset. The speaker's mute button and the volume controls are positioned on the left side of the iPhone 6.

Even though reviewers have likened the iPhone 6 to the product's earlier incarnations, Apple's brand new handset and OS offer plenty of exciting, new functions, as well as an enhanced user experience.

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