New Flickr 3.2 for Apple’s iPad Users, Thanks to Apple’s New iOS8, Tablet Users Can Now Experience Yahoo’s Flickr App Features


New Flickr 3.2 for Apple's iPad Users, Thanks to Apple's New iOS8, Tablet Users Can Now Experience Yahoo's Flickr App Features

Previously, Yahoo only offered Flickr to iPhone users, but now, the company is also offering the Flickr app for Apple's tablet users, as in the iPad users.

The iPad version of Flickr app works on Retina displays, which means even the old iPad Air and iPad mini can support the new Flickr 3.2 application. Naturally, the new iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 2 users can also use the Flickr app. The only requirement for the new Flickr is that you're using the recent iOS 8.

Flickr 3.2 will allow users to take photos directly from the app using a digital shutter, and use live filters to change the look of their images, and also use live histogram, which is just like the ones from the digital SLRs. Users can now also preview their images before they take the supposed images. Thanks to Flickr 3.2, the iPad's new high-resolution screen and better camera are maximized to the fullest, and Flickr users can take advantage of their better-quality photos.

The updated Flickr will also allow users to view images of resolution up to 3,000,000 pixels per image. This is almost 2,048 x 1,056 pixels on the high resolution screens. The Flickr 3.2 will also allow users to browse Flickr feed in both the landscape mode and portrait mode. This leaves plenty of space for photo descriptions and metadata. The new 3.2 version also supports the familiar search and comment features.



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