'Apple iPad Air 2': A Big Jump for Air 2 Over Its Predecessor

Apple iPad Air 2
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'Apple iPad Air 2': A Big Jump for Air 2 Over Its Predecessor.

Apple Inc. had a special event yesterday in Cupertino, California for the announcement of the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 to the market.

Prior to the event, Apple took down its online store, according to Valuewalk. This is the preparation of the Cupertino-based company for the incorporation of the new devices to its online store, allowing such devices to be accessible for preorder right after the event.

The iPad Air 2 the slimmest tablet in the market for Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is 6.6mm and Sony Xperia Z2 tablet is 6.4mm. As revealed by Straitstimes, the new iPad Air 2 is much thinner than its predecessor. The device is only 6.1mm thick, which is 18 percent thinner and 8 percent lighter than the original iPad Air.  

Apple still incorporated a 9.7-inch retina display with 2,048 x 1,536 pixel resolution for the device. In addition, the iPad Air 2 also has fingerprint resistant oleophobic and anti-reflective coating, just like its predecessor. This technology decreases the glare made by the device by more than 56 percent as compared to the previous iPad Air.

The device also features an A8X chipset plus a CPU that is 40 percent faster than the original iPad Air. Its GPU is also 250 more powerful. This leads to 12 times of the processing performance and 180 times of the graphical capabilities of its predecessor. As a heavier reason to purchase the upgrade, iPad Air 2 will also include Touch ID and Apple Pay.

With regard to the camera, the iPad Air 2 has an 8-megapixel snapper, an increase to the 5-megapixel of the previous iPad. Its battery life is also outstanding just the same with its previous version, unlike the iPhones.

After the announcement on the new two tablets, Walmart is planning to sell the iPad Mini 3 for $389 and the iPad Air 2 for $489, as revealed in CNET. This is $10 off from Apple's original prices - $499 for iPad Air 2 while $399 for iPad Mini 3.

With highly improved features and boosted functionality, the new Apple iPad Air 2 will easily immerse itself in the market.

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