Forerunner Music is Set to Release First Volume of IHOPKC Anthology "Endless: Songs of Eternity"

Forerunner Music

Slated for a February 11, 2014 release, Forerunner Music is launching an ongoing worship anthology titled Endless: Songs of Eternity. The record will include the best songs from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. The track list will draw from over 150 albums of worship, adoration and devotional music. Each volume of the anthology will center around a specific theme. Endless will focus on the second coming of Jesus, the millennial kingdom, and eternity.

"We're delighted to release Endless: Songs of Eternity as the first project in our newly formed Anthology series," says Nick Syrett, President of Forerunner Music. "This series has been created to take some of the best songs from our history and release them thematically. We are blessed to have such talented worship leaders who show their faith so passionately through their music. To have an outlet to bring them together for one theme and deliver this message to Christian music lovers around the world helps to fulfill the ministry goals for IHOPKC."

"The Endless album features songs that focus on eternity and our hope that Jesus will reign on earth forever," says one on the album's contributors Justin Rizzo. These songs bring to the forefront the glorious reality that we will be with Him forever in eternity. I am so excited to have 'Glory Will Cover the Earth' featured on this project."

Endless: Songs of Eternity full track listing:

1.  I Can't Wait - Merchant Band
2.  Psalm of Abraham - Audra Lynn
3.  Coming Home - Jonas Park
4.  Hallelujah - Cory Asbury
5.  City of the Great King - Pas Neos
6.  Shine on Us - Cory Asbury
7.  I Will See Your Glory - Tim Reimherr
8.  Eternity - Misty Edwards
9.  Glory Will Cover the Earth - Justin Rizzo
10. Longing for the Day - Julie Meyer
11. New Jerusalem (Live) - Matt Gilman
12. Rend (Live) - Misty Edwards

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