PlayStation TV Debut: Another New from Sony PlayStation, Already Arrived this October 2014

PlayStation TV

PlayStation TV Debut: Already Arrived this October 2014

Sony's new PlayStation TV will be making its debut in the U.S. this October 14. You can get the mini console priced at $99.9.

If that isn't enough, a PlayStation TV bundle is also being offered by Sony. The bundle includes the Dual Shock 3 controller, a memory card with 8 GB capacity, and a bundled video game title, "The Lego Movie" Videogame.

According to Sony, the PlayStation TV will be able to play almost 700 Vita video game titles.

The upcoming console is more of a combination of older PlayStation consoles that were released. The PlayStation TV has the capability to play PS Vita titles and as well as PlayStation One; PlayStation Portable video game titles are also supported by the upcoming console. Although not able to play PlayStation 3 games, it will be possible to stream PS3 video game titles via Sony' s PlayStation Now game streaming service. Another unique feature is Remote Play, which gives PlayStation 4 users the freedom to play their PS4 video game titles in another separate room. But, in order to use the feature, a wired network connection is required between the PlayStation TV and the PlayStation 4.

The Remote Play also extends its capability to Sony's oncoming Z3 Compact line of smartphones and the Xperia Z3. Users will be able to play their PlayStation 4 video game titles on Sony's smartphones' screens which will be attached to a controller using the new GCM10 Game Control Mount, which is specially designed to hold the Xperia smartphones while playing.. A Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) connection will be needed to use the Z3s for the Remote Play feature. Sony also stated that the Remote Play feature will be exclusive to Xperia smartphones and devices only.

After the PlayStation TV Debut, an upcoming "Adventure Time" video game title will be released for both the PlayStation TV and the PS Vita this coming November 18.

Another PlayStation TV bundle can be found at Walmart, which also packs the Wireless Dual shock 3 Controller, an 8 GB memory card, and a new video game title Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, for the price of $139.99.


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