'Forever Season 1' Episode 4 Recap: The Art of Murder Is Funny, Tragic

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'Forever Season 1' Episode 4 Recap: The Art of Murder Is Funny, Tragic 

"Forever" series showed its strong fourth episode on Oct. 7 on ABC. In this episode, Henry and Jo investigate when a well known New York socialite is found dead, but just how does Henry know her?

The first parts of the fourth episode were as funny as it was tragic. Gloria walked through the museum cursing at everyone that she passed, introducing us to a new suspect every step she took.

As Jo arrives at the crime scene in the dead of night, she was shocked to see that Henry had sent Lucas as medical examiner in the crime scene. It was funny to see Henry being kicked off of a case, but the question is, why Lucas is still employed?

In the last episode, he let someone steal brains from bodies. In this episode, he spoke to a reporter who published an article on the case that cause a lot of complications. He illegally conducted an autopsy on the victim. Carlyle really hated the law. Every time he was in contact with Henry or Jo, he just seemed to be throwing torrents of threats at them. It is becoming a trend that whenever Jo is interrogating a suspect, Henry does something comical that makes the force look unprofessional.

In this episode, Henry called Jo on her cell phone during an interrogation with another question for her to ask the suspect you can't make this stuff up!

Through some flashbacks, we found out Gloria was not all bad. Abigail and Henry gate crashed her party many years ago and she was very pleasant with them both and actually welcomed them to the party.

Abe was yet again one of the standout characters in the episode of this series. I laughed out when Henry asked him to take a "Jpeg" and send it to him.

It was shocking when it turned out that nurse was left everything in the will. It would have been a cop out to make her the killer after this. It would have been extremely obvious motive for murder. 

In the end, there was no killer. They discovered that Gloria killed herself. She found out she had only months to live and decided to end her life at the gala as it was an event she loved and wanted to die happy.

It was thrilling that there were so many suspects in the case and the series made everyone kept thinking about each character's motive, but as the story goes on, no one ever thinks that she could commit suicide.

This was really a fantastic episode. The series just seems to be improving as it goes on. The flashbacks all have meaning to every scene and this week, they were the key to Henry solving what really caused Gloria's death. Well, let's see the next part of the series. 


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