‘Glee’ Season 6 Spoiler: Pros & Cons of the New Season’s Plot

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'Glee' Season 6 Spoiler: Pros & Cons of the New Season's Plot

To all gleeks out there, this season 6 spoilers are something different among others. For some instance, the glee season 6 may not match what you were expecting, but it doesn't mean that we have a total bad news for you guys.

So, going back to the season 6 spoilers. what's going down? well, a whole lots of stuff. According to E! Online, everyone's going back, back to Ohio, Ohio. Yes, even those who swore they never would, hmmm... guess who? Rachel Berry... what?!

So, the pros and cons of the season.


-- More Jane Lynch.

-- The writers seem to be more comfortable with the high school environment. New York never felt authenticallyGlee.

-- Familiar faces: Beist is back, so is Kurt, Artie, Sam, Blaine, Mercedes, Santana (she's recurring) along with Karofsky, and Mr. Schue.

-- It'll be refreshing to have everyone in one damn state.


-- Not quite sure how they can make it any different than the original three seasons. Well we have to see.



-- Rachel Berry is simultaneously the most frustrating character that we will see in the glee series. She always did lead Glee Club unofficially, anyway, and who doesn't love this "controllist" being all well,in control.

-- Massive potential for us to see some classic Berry attitude that's been lacking in the last few seasons.


-- Now Rachel's a college dropout and a failed actress. What exactly is she falling back on? Do Glee Clubs pay that much? If so, someone give me a ring and I will drop everything to go run one myself.

Yep, you heard it right. What you hear around is true. E! Online states that, "Rachel is the new Mr. Schuester (Morrison) as she returns to Lima after failing as a TV actress. Struggling with her next move, Rachel decides to reinstate and lead the glee club at McKinley after discovering that Sue has banished the arts at the school."

E! Online elaborates saying, "Five new McKinley sophomores, including twin Cheerios Mason and Madison, who are both super-positive and weird, and football stud Spencer, who is "post-Glee gay."

 "While not revealed what exactly they'll be doing, fans can expect to see Blaine (Criss), Sam (Overstreet) and Schuester all have surprising new gigs in Ohio," E!Online notes.

So let's just hope and wait until we see the Season 6. To all Gleeks out there, watch out!

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