‘Grimm Season 4’ Rumors and Reveals: New Wesen, Nick Powers, Premiere Date Unveiled!

Grimm Season 4
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'Grimm Season 4' Rumors and Reveals: New Wesen, Nick Powers, Premiere Date Unveiled!

"Grimm Season 4" is just around the corner and soon fans will finally find answers to the many questions that were left hanging from the last season's episode finale. Season 4 will pick up from where the show ended on that season - Rosalie and Monroe getting, married, Nick losing his powers, Trubel being the new Grimm on the block, Adalind look for her baby and many more.

"Grimm Season 4" is going to premiere on October 24, 2014 and there's no word yet if Nick will regain his power back, but for now, Nick is going to rely on Trubel to do his duties as a Grimm. Trubel is now going to be his "seeing-eye Grimm," as reported by International Business Times. Nick and Juliet are going to question if Nick should get his power back because for now, the couple is enjoying their domestic bliss. Rosalie and Monroe tried to be on a "honeymoon," but are only successful on some levels.

Four new Wesen is going to be introduced on "Grimm Season 4." First is the Gedächtnis Esser, half man half octopus or simply "Manopus," as cited by Entertainment Weekly, that has four tentacles that "burrows" the victim's head. It can also steal the memory of its victims. Jim Kouf, the show's executive producer said, "A lot of what we do is try to explain real-world problems, like in this case, identity theft. Our best Wesen ideas come when we have an emotional core that explains something in life."

Next is Schinderdiv, cited by the same report from Entertainment Weekly,who is someone who has long-bottom fangs.This executive producer playfully described it as someone "who are only out for themselves and do anything to achieve a goal."

Then we have Heftigauroch, which is basically a bull-like Wesen. In his human form, he's a peaceful boxer but when rage set in, he becomes this uncontrollable maniac. Kouf said, "When a bull is brought into a ring it doesn't necessarily want a fight requires being hit with picadors to get mad - this Wesen requires the same treatment."

And lastly we have Golem, a Wesen that is made of clay and is about 10 feet high. Golem is going to be a challenge to Nick as it remains to be seen how he plans to destroy it.

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