Dress Up As Your Favorite TV Character This Halloween Season - Costumes from Games of Thrones, Frozen, and even as Finn and Jake

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Dress Up As Your Favorite TV Character This Halloween Season - Costumes from Games of Thrones, Frozen, and even as Finn and Jake

With less than a month before the Halloween, preparations are on its way. More and more people are buying ready-made outfits patterned before the outfits of famous TV and movie characters. The trends for this year include:

For Children:

Characters from "Frozen" - Elsa, Anna, and Olaf.

Famous Disney princesses - Ariel, Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella and Merida

Classic characters such as Cat in the Hat and Where's Waldo

Superheroes such as Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, and Transformers

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cartoon Characters such as Finn and Jake, Ice King, The Simpsons, and many more.

For Adults:

"Games of Thrones" - of course!

Zombies especially the "The Walking Dead"

DIY costumes - animal prints, Harlequin,

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Men's suit and sexy suits


This year's Halloween is going to fall on a Friday and it's expected that there will be a lot of people who will rebel on the streets with their costumes. Matthew Shay, president of the National Retail Federation, said, "There's no question that the variety of adult, child and even pet costumes now available has driven the demand and popularity of Halloween among consumers of all ages."

According to a recent survey, "about two-thirds of people who plan to dress up this year will buy their costumes, and about one-third have already started shopping." The Halloween industry is a big one with each household spending $50 to $100 on costumes.

All are looking forward to Halloween. Some women are even dieting to fit into those sexy outfits. It was thought that the modern-day Halloween costumes came from "beliefs of Celtic speaking countries." In today's world, the pagan tradition was mixed with Christian practices celebrating November 1 as All Saint's Day and November 2 as All Soul's Day.

The practice of "trick or treating" originated in the medieval times through the practice of mumming. Mumming in Germany includes wearing fancy dress during Halloween. Modern day Halloween costumes varies from superheroes, famous personalities such as Hollywood personalities and even political figures, cartoon characters and many more.

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