‘Apple iPad Pro’: Apple Releases Its 12.9-in iPad, Touch ID, and Apple Pay to Boost its Sales

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'Apple iPad Pro': Apple Releases Its 12.9-in iPad, Touch ID, and Apple Pay to Boost its Sales

Apple, Inc. made three big revelations regarding their product line. The Cupertino-company revealed they are going to add a gold version of the iPad Air, integrate add Touch ID, as well as Apple Pay, plus the Apple iPad Pro.

The company is now doing its moves so as to curtail the decrease in sales noted in the previous quarters.

The new versions of the Apple iPad Air and the iPad Mini are set to launch the market at some point in October.

Touch ID gives its users the power to pay using the iPhone or iPad. Touch ID uses a finger print sensor and code that will be used as reference. This feature was introduced in iPhone 5S and was featured on both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Meanwhile, Apple Pay allows users to execute transactions in store by just tapping their NFC-enabled iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus on payment terminals.

In July, Apple signed a contract with IBM in order to boost its iPad sales. While company has also revealed its product line, it is also speculated to be working on Apple iPad Pro.

iPad Pro is Apple's largest iPad and is mainly designed for professionals as well as entrepreneurs.

The name for the large iPad Pro was derived on how the Mac Air and Mac Pro were named. Mac Air is thin while Mac Pro is large. Following the release of the iPad Air and the iPad Mini, Apple thrills the market with its larger iPad.

It was also divulged by the company that its iPad Pro will be having a 12.9 inch model. Furthermore, the iPad Pro is believed to showcase two different screen resolution settings. People have the freedom to choose their device between the 2K and 4K versions.

Since the start of last year, the brand companies have shown their interest in incorporating large-sized tablets into their product line. At that point, Samsung was also expecting the immediate release of Apple's new product that it tried to match it by launching its high-end 12.2 inch tablet. However, Apple decided to delay the release of the iPad Pro. Another brand company was Asus, which is attempted to release a 13.3 inch dual OS tablet.

Additionally, Apple's iOS 8.1 Beta software was released to developers last Sept. 30, 2014. The 12.9in iPad Pro will be released in early 2015.

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