Windows 10: Microsoft Presents the New Face of Windows

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Windows 10: Microsoft Presents the New Face of Windows

Microsoft introduced the most recent version of its flagship operating system at an event in San Francisco. The company did not completely show the new OS and just centered on beneficial features to their business clients. The following are some of the notable improvements Microsoft made in Windows 10.

The Comeback of Start Menu. The Start menu returns, after being strangely excluded in Windows 8, with an integrated new customizable space for organizing various apps, programs and websites.

Standardized Format. In the new Windows 10, Microsoft has regimented both the format from the Windows Store and regular desktop programs, into one. The format operates in traditional windows and can be resized and minimized.

Enhanced Multitasking. Microsoft developed multiple desktops, a feature that most Mac users have loved for years. Windows 10 enables the users to create and switch between different desktops.

Snap Feature. The Snap feature allows users to work on various apps at once in a single screen. It has been redesigned with the new quadrant layout to support up to four programs at once.

New Task View Button. A new button has been made as visible counterpart to the classic Alt+Tab trick. The task view button is located on the task bar. Clicking on it will show you a single screen containing all your open files and applications.

Microsoft revealed that Windows 10 will operate across the widest range of devices, including desktops, tablets, Xboxes, phones, data centers, and internet-capable devices. A single app store will be available to all formats and will be deployed across all device types.

The company also announced another remarkable revelation, wherein users are allowed to select particular Windows features to upgrade. The upgrading of the chosen feature will be executed one at a time. This brings away the user from being forced to switching all at once from the older version.

Window 10 is a prime part of CEO Satya Nadella to bring Microsoft as a mobile-first, cloud-first company.

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