Bones' Season 10: Cooper’s Death could Reveal the Conspiracy that hooked up Booth Behind the Bars


Bones' Season 10: Cooper's Death could Reveal the Conspiracy that hooked up Booth Behind the Bars

The first chapter for the Season 10 of the comedy-drama TV series, Bones was slated on air on Sept. 25. Many speculations came out saying that the 10th season could be the final episode for the hit TV series. However, Kevin Kelly, Fox Entertainment Chairman revealed last year that the series will just close the character of Dr. Bones Brennan (Emily Deschanel).

Here are some updates and spoilers that could be witnessed in Season 10:

  •  Cooper's death could reveal the conspiracy that hooked up Booth behind the bars. Bones plays an important role in tracing and discovering who is behind all the happenings in order for her to take her husband out of prison.
  •  Booth finds it hard to stay in prison. Bones Season 10 opens up as Booth is seen in jail as he was set up for a crime. Booth faces hard time inside the prison as he ends up a fight with other prisoners. When Bones visited her husband, she told him that the people plotting a bad fate for him won't stop until he's dead. Booth can't accept it and prepares for a new tactic.
  •  Teaser also says that there will be new baby in the series. But this definitely is not Booth and Bones'. Daisy is pregnant and the father is Lance Sweets, Booth and Bone's psychologist.
  •  There's also a scoop that the couple will be having a new love nest. This is understandable as Season 9 ends with their home being destroyed for shootouts.
  •  When Booth will be finally released in jail, he will be determined to get to the bottom of who set him up in the jail. This time, he will not look back to give justice to his family.
  •  Video clips of Season 10 also revealed a hot scene of Booth and Bones. The steaming scene is certainly not taking place in the prison. It will soon be happening when Booth will be able to get out.

Later on the season, actor Nora Dunn will be reprising her role as Tess Brown to keep Brennan in the edge of professional competition. Bones Season 10 is entitled, 'The Conspiracy in the Corpse."

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