Facebook: Highest Amount Generated From ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Face book the real hero of the ALS Ice Bucket
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Highest Amount Facebook Generated From ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Profit of the Facebook in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Face book was the real hero of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as it was able to generate $1.308 billion profit in the financial quarter period. According to Facebook, about 17 million ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos were uploaded in to Facebook and 440 million people were expected to watch these. The viewer's rating details were released for the quarter from June 1 to September 1 said that the users repeatedly watched these videos 10 billion times, the Facebook said.  According to ALS Association they were able to collected $100 million for the study of degenerative neurological disease.

In fact, the company struggled much to add all contents on its website, for the successful handling and uninterrupted usage for its customers, company recruited top personals from YouTube, Wall Street Journal reports. The revenue expected to comes from the amount of time (whether they have been using this for the first time or repeatedly) they were spent to watch the video regarding ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

From the total collection of $1.308 billion, $1.2 billion considered to be earned through advertisements in the U.S. According to Facebook, the company has 204 million regular customers each month in the country, and each user is expected be spent 40 minutes per day. During the second quarter there were 734.4 billion minutes were expected to be consumed by the North American users. On the basis of this an average amount expected to be received per minute was $0.00178, Forbes reports. The rates also show that each user expected to be spent an average time of five seconds, which also gauges $1.48 million. All these were assumed as the expected time to be spent for video watching without the other forms of usage like likes, comments, shares, etc. Half a million people were clicked on 'Likes', and also it is able to spread like a viral disease across the world.



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