Hit TV Show Friends Update: Our Favorite Group of Friends Turns 20 Years Old! Here Are Some Things You Probably Did Not Know About The Show


Hit TV Show Friends Update: Our Favorite Group of Friends Turns 20 Years Old!

Here Are Some Things You Probably Did Not Know About The Show

Could you believe that twenty years ago, the pilot episode of Friends was first aired? Up till today, even after years being off air, people still love the show of six friends and the quirky stories of their lives. Although you may be a true Friends fan, here are some things you probably did not know about the show.

1. The show was supposed to be called, get this, Insomnia Café. Along with that weird show title was a different storyline. Rachel and Ross weren't the "it" couple on the show, instead it was Monica and Joey.

2. The role of Ross was actually written for David Schwimmer. Producer Kevin Bright was so fond of Schwimmer that he actually made a character for him on his show.

3. The opening credits of the show was just shot at Warner Bros Studio.

4. The director brought the cast to Vegas before the show aired because he wanted them to enjoy themselves before they got very famous.

5. The show was filmed in front of a live audience. Specifically 300 fans each time.

6. Lisa Kudrow was playing a character named Ursula on Mad About You before she was cast on Friends.

7. Kudrow was actually pregnant in real life when she was pregnant on the show. And Courteney Cox was pregnant in the final season but couldn't be written on the show so they just tried to "hide" the pregnancy.

8. For the episode, "The One After Vegas", everyone had Arquette as their last name as an ode for Cox and David Arquette getting married.

9. Bruce Willis lost to a bet with Perry so he had to give all his guest earnings to charity.

10. The cast had a ritual that they would huddle before filming an episode.



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