'Better Call Saul' Spoilers: How Jimmy McGill Turned Into Saul Goodman


'Better Call Saul' Spoilers: How Jimmy McGill Turned Into Saul Goodman  

If you love the hit TV series Breaking Bad, you should certainly watch out for its spin-off called Better Call Saul. It is a mix of comedy and drama to be seen via AMC on February 2015. After the success of Breaking Bad, one of its creators Vince Gilligan had this idea to zoom in on the life of lawyer Saul Goodman. This new series was already preconceived even before the good days of Breaking Bad. When the character of Saul first appeared on that show, the creators already thought it would be a good idea to keep him for a spin-off.

The development of this new series was not exactly done in an instant because there were a lot of negotiations before they could finalize it. One of the things they have to sort out is the casting. Here is a list of the chosen cast, their respective roles, and the other shows they used to be part of:

Rhea Seehorn (Franklin & Bash) - Kim

Michael Mando (Orphan Black)- Mando

Patrick Fabian (Grey's Anatomy)- Hamlin

Jonathan Banks (Breaking Bad)- Mike Ehrmantraut

Michael Mckean (Family Tree)- Chuck Goodman

Basically, the show will focus on Goodman's life. It will explore how he became a skillful criminal lawyer. Goodman is not the typical big shot lawyer and this makes the show more interesting. Viewers will see how someone like him would make ends meet as he searches for his real purpose for living.

The best part is how he has turned into Saul Goodman when he was originally Jimmy McGill. Catch how he transformed from being a small town lawyer to being someone who would defend criminals with his wit and skills. So don't forget this one when it opens February next year.

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