Star Trek 3 Movie Updates: Director Orci says It’s Going to be Different, First Draft Completed!

Star Trek 3

Star Trek 3 Movie Updates: Director Orci says It's Going to be Different, First Draft Completed!

The prior Star Trek movies weren't that well-received by the audience, and so the news about the upcoming Star Trek 3 lacks support and enthusiasm from the movie watchers.

However, the movie's new director, Roberto Orci, tells us to hold that thought. He says that the upcoming Star Trek 3 will be a lot closer to the original series than the previous movies were. Orci said in an interview that "the first two films - especially the 2009 [movie] - was an origin story. It was about them coming together. So they weren't characters they were in the original series. They were growing into them and that continues on in the second movie. So in this movie they are closer than they are to the original series characters that you have ever seen. They have set off on their five-year mission. So their adventure is going to be in deep space".

It was also reported that actor George Takei, who played the part of Hikaru Sulu in the TV series, is eager to take a part in the upcoming Star Trek movie saying, "All they have to do is ask me!"

It is also said that writers JD Payne, Patrick McKay, and director Orci already completed the first draft of the upcoming movie.

As to celebrate the franchise's 50th anniversary, Star Trek 3 is aiming for a 2016 release.



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