‘Star Wars’ 7 Release Date: Movie Spoiler, Sith Home Possibly Featured in the Movie- More Characters Revealed

Star Wars 7

Star Wars 7 Release Date: Movie Spoiler, Sith Home Possibly Featured in the Movie- More Characters Revealed

Everyone is so excited about the release of Star Wars 7 for it will features the abode of the most powerful and evil force in galaxy! There is this latest report that says that Sith planet is a gigantic weapon that is actually capable of galaxy destruction. It was revealed that the Skelling Michael Island might be the location for the filming of Sith home world. Based on the report of Latino Review, the huts in the island which are all made of stones would serve as the control stations of gigantic weapon that is big as planet. 

In addition, the reports also will tell us the story behind the Sith’s origins. They say that Sith was actually formed thousands of years ago by a Jedi. He called him Darth Ruin, such name was also the same name of the chief villain in the said upcoming film. However, the story behind will not be included in screenplay. There are fans that can recall that the home world of Sith was Korriban, but there are some who can recall that it was Moraband. This is that planet with red sands and desolate place- planet which was abandoned right after war years and no one left except ruins.

Furthermore, there are also websites that reveal more spoilers and backdrop about the film. Based on the some reports, The Empire would still be existing but during the situation of cold war between the Galactic Republic. It is Leia who would be the republic leader together with her daughter. The lead character is Han Solo.  These and more are very exciting and a must to wait and watch.

Some of the details will be revealed. The release date of Star Wars 7 would be on December 18, 2015.

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