'Thor 3' Movie Release Date News: Spoilers, Plot Rumors; Will Chris Reprise The Role?

Thor 3 Ragnarok

'Thor 3' Movie Release Date News: Spoilers, Plot Rumors; Will Chris Reprise The Role?

'Thor 3' movie release date is rumored to be in May 2017 as per some reports. The news is that 3rd sequel will be coming for sure as per some unknown sources and hints. Rumors are making rounds on internet about the release date.However, nothing is officially declared by Marvel yet. Though they are known for the predefined scheduled lists of movie released for over 5 years. But, its different in this case it seems.

One image of the upcoming Thor 3 movie has made the subject more interesting and chewable. The image showed some release dates on the poster. Not everything is false and a rumor. One thing is confirmed - In January 2014, Marvel has already declared that Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost would be penning the screenplay of the third installment. Kevin Feige will the producer again.

'Thor' first made its debut on April 17, 2011. The movie is Marvel Comics character with the same name Thor, an American superhero. The movie was distributed by Paramount Pictures and grossed over $449.3 million worldwide. The producers then released the sequel 2 titled Thor: The Dark World got released on November 8. 2013. The original Thor movie plot dates back to 965 AD, a war between Asgard and Frost Giants over conquer of nine realms. Chris Hemsworth played the role of Thor and Thor 2.

The much talked about Thor 3 cast is still not confirmed. Rumors suggest that Chris will reprise the role along with Tom Hiddleston and other. Spoilers point the death of Odin by Loki. As per the image, the highly predicted date of Thor 3 movie release date could be May 5, 2017. No proof can so far be arranged to supplement this as such. Lets wait for the update to come forth. 

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