Maggie 2015 movie latest news: Terminator’s Schwarzenegger to co-star and produce the zombie-apocalypse family drama flick with Zombieland’s Breslin and set at an early 2015 release

Maggie 2015

Maggie 2015 movie latest news: Terminator's Schwarzenegger to co-star and produce the zombie-apocalypse family drama flick with Zombieland's Breslin and set at an early 2015 release

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator, Total Recall and Expendables) is back and this time not as his 'cyborg' counterpart. Maggie is a new zombie apocalypse thriller movie with an indie-style storytelling and a father-daughter concept which is an unlikely combination produced by Lionsgate. What makes it more surprising is that it will be starring Schwarzenegger himself. Very surprising as most of us are used to seeing him in more stunt-heavy and explosion packed films.

Schwarzenegger film will be starring alongside Zombieland's Abigail Breslin. The story of Maggie movie will revolve around a girl named Maggie, played by Breslin, who is infected during a zombie outbreak. Her father, played by Schwarzenegger, brings her home in hopes to take better care of her. As Maggie's condition worsens as the infection slowly overtakes her, the family's relationship is also tested beyond their limits. The film's heavy focus on the human aspect of the situation makes it quite the unlikely spin in the overly saturated market of zombie-related films and television series - less survival of the fittest niche and more on family drama. They will be also be joined by Nip Tuck and The Tudors' star Joely Richardson.

Maggie will be directed by Henry Hobson and a screenplay John Scott III

This unlikely film will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and will hit cinemas in early 2015.



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