Arrow Season 3 Release Date, Spoilers and Latest News: New Villain that will Wreak Havoc to the City and to Oliver’s Life


Arrow Season 3 Release Date,  Spoilers and Latest News:  New Villain that will Wreak Havoc to the City and to Oliver's Life

In the finale of the second season of the hit TV series "Arrow," we saw the main protagonist, Oliver Queen, also known as Arrow, as he transformed from a hooded vigilante into a full - fledged, actual hero.

With this promising ending, the last episode of Season 2 had left an impression of victory on the side of the protagonist. Season 3 will then open on its aftermath, with Arrow now a hero to the people of Starling. The crime rate has generally gone down, the citizens are starting to get a lot safer and Captain Lance even calls off the Anti - Vigilante Task Force. Tasting this ever - sweet combination of victory and success, Oliver finally believes that he can finally have a settled private life as he asks Felicity out on a date.

However, it seems that things will not go on as easily as Oliver desires. According to the Season 3 synopsis, the next turn of events promises a reappearing of a villain that will definitely take much of Arrow's time in crime fighting. Will this unwanted villain keep Arrow from living his life as Oliver Queen as he attempts to keep his obligations?

No one is certain as to the identity of this "deadly villain" as of yet. However, it is much speculated that it will be Count Vertigo. As in the original comic line, Count Vertigo is an Eastern European who has fallen from aristocracy and regains his power through organized crime. The series seems to be aiming for this story track.

"Arrow" will be having its third season premiere on October 8 at 8 PM.



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