iPod Touch 6G Apple Release Date Rumors, Specs and Details

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iPod Touch 6G Apple Release Date Rumors, Specs and Details

Will Apple release a 6th generation iPod this Fall? Some have speculated that the upcoming iWatch will be replacing the iPod Touch line, while some reports are that they will release at least one more iPod Touch before moving on to different technologies. 

With the development of the iPhone and iPad over the last several years, Apple's work on the iPod Touch line hasn't been getting that much attention. The last iPod Touch, 5th generation, was released two years ago. The iPod Touch 5 is outdated in terms of specs and hardware.

Sales have dropped by as 36 percent over the last few years, but the company did experience a small 6 percent gain in sales last quarter with the release of the 16GB model and camera. Even with the new features, this was not the new 6th generation iPod Touch.

Most Apple consumers have switched to either the iPhone or iPad for their portable music device, which is the main reason for the reduced revenue. There are no official reports of Apple releasing an iPod Touch 6 with iOS 8. 

The highly anticipated iPhone 6 is set to release in September 2014 and some think that the iPod Touch 6 could be revealed during the same event.

The Touch is still Apple's biggest selling iPod to date and giving it one last refresh may be more effective than relying on the declining current sales of the iPod 5G. From a pure business standpoint we know Apple can get a bit more mileage out of the concept.

The with launch of iOS 8, it is unknown if the 5th generation and earlier iPod Touch devices will be able to work with the new operating system. This gives Apple even more reason to upgrade to an entirely new iPod Touch 6G.

With the release of the iPod Touch 6, they could also add the touch ID finger recognition feature and other updated features that are on the iPhone 6.



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