Fast and Furious 7 Release Date: April 2015 Date of Release with Statham, Walker Brothers, and Azalea Major Casts

Fast and Furious 7

Fast and Furious 7 Release Date: April 2015 Date of Release, Paul Walker's Sudden Death How Does the Production Team Handle the Situation?

Fast and Furious 7th installment is the most anticipated movie of the year, because aside from the fact that leading actor is Vin Diesel himself, people especially fans are also looking forward to watch the controversial movie because one of the stars of the said film died. From this film, you'll witness Paul Walker's last and final appearance while the movie is not yet done with the production. Hence, this is the movie that you can't mi

The franchise will be released by April 3, 2015 in US. Such movie has a great impact with Diesel who was so emotional and the rest of the cast and production team. With this movie, you will witness how professional the actor and actresses are and how they handle their emotions and still go on with the film and offer the best they can at that moment. Diesel who is known to give his 101% in his every movie can't promise to give the same level of performance with this particular movie. Hence, fans of Diesel still believe that Diesel is Diesel and his every movie is a sure box office with or without Paul Walker's sudden death.

In connection to Walker's untimely and sudden death, the production team decided to create a story that Walker will be retired, instead of getting killed in car crash and this is how he died with real life situation. The production team looks for his double with the same body type with Walker and his face placed via CGI.

The whole production team especially the actors and actresses who worked with Walker felt so emotional and still can't get over with Walker's death. However, despite the tragic they still able to go on with the filming.


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