1 Girl Nation Single, 'While We're Young,' Gives New Meaning To The Term YOLO

A new all-girl Christian pop band, 1 Girl Nation, released the lyric video of their debut single, 'While We're Young,' on June 6, a song that redefines the term YOLO and the popular idea that we need to 'live while we're young.'

 "There has been a theme in our generation of living life while you're young and doing all these things that the world says to do," said Lindsey Ciresi, of 1 Girl Nation, according to soundcloud. "We decided to take our own spin on that thought. We want to encourage this generation to live for Jesus while we're young and abode in that lifestyle. We hope this can be a song that you can dance to and also be an anthem of how you live your life."

The new song plays off of a lot of popular songs that have recently appeared in mainstream music, such as One Direction's 'Live While We're Young,' and FUN's 'We Are Young.' The style of the new song definitely resembles many of the other like-named songs, however, the meaning behind the song differs a great deal.

The refrain of the song states, "We're gonna save ourselves the heartache/ We're not looking back on what we wished we'd done/ We're gonna risk it all for one thing/ And live for Jesus while we're young/ While we're young."

On June 6, 1 Girl Nation tweeted, "Have you heard?  Our lyric video for the new single 'While We're Young' is UP!  Go listen & sing along with us!!! :)."

'While We're Young,' went out for adds on radio today, June 7. The new single will be available on iTunes on June 18 and the 1 Girl Nation debut album is set to be released on August 20.

1 Girl Nation is a five-piece pop band comprised of Lindsey Ciresi, Lauryn Taylor, Kayli Robinson, Carmen Justice and Kelsey Sowards. They were founded in 2012 and are located in Nashville, Tennessee. On social networking sites, the girls refer to themselves as, "Five girls from five different places, with one message." You can bet that message is a positive one about God and focusing on living now in preparation for a different kind of life that will be a whole lot more fulfilling.


I love the idea of taking a new spin on the popular concept of 'living while you're young.' The fresh perspective is refreshing in a world where YOLO tends to be an excuse for people to make poor decisions without worrying about the consequences. Feel free to let us know what you think about 1 Girl Nation's new single in the comment section below.

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