Crystal Lewis plans new album with songs to stir your soul and heal your heart

Christian music veteran Crystal Lewis is currently running her Kickstarter campaign to support her new project.

Lewis plans to release a brand new album with the songs that will stir the listeners’ soul and heal the heart.

On her Kickstarter page Lewis shared, “I have this memory of my dad coming home after work one day and handing me 2 things: a last days ministries little booklet and a keith green record. I was maybe 9 or 10 years old. I vividly remember sitting in front of the record player and listening to that album again and again. Those songs affected me. The music moved me. My heart heard something in it beyond what the music itself was saying. it shaped me.”

She continues, “Music does that, you know. It inspires. It stirs. It takes us places and creates moments and memories that can literally last throughout a lifetime.”

Lewis mentioned that if music can stimulate our minds and bodies than it must stimulate our hearts and souls.

Lewis, “I love singing about Jesus. I wasn't forced to, nobody chose that path for me. The doors of opportunity were opened to me on multiple levels. But i believe in what i'm singing about.”

On her Kickstarter campaign page Lewis explains the reason for the campaign and the new album, “So... i'm asking for your support. The goal of this kickstarter campaign is to raise funds for a new record. An album of songs that i trust will make you happy, assist in making life long memories, give you hope. Inspire you, move you, affect you. Shape you. But most of allserve to help build your foundation on the rock of truth. “

To learn more about Crystal Lewis’s new project and the campaign visit

Lewis grew up in California and started her singing career at age of 15. Singer/songwriter Lewis is also a multi-Dove Award winner.

During her 26 year-long career, Lewis released 20 English albums and 7 Spanish records. In 2006 Lewis released her first ever children’s project titled Joyful Noise.

Lewis and her husband are the owners of the label Metro One. Lewis’ family lives in Montana.

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