Stellar Kart, 'All In (Apologize),' Official Music Video Released June 3

Stellar Kart, Christian pop band, released the official music video for their song 'All In (Apologize),' on June 3 through New Release Tuesday.

The new single, 'All In (Apologize)' was released on May 7. It speaks of being unashamed and unapologetic in our faith, going 'all in' and giving our whole selves over to God.

On May 29, Stellar Kart tweeted, "Who is super pumped to see the video for "All In (Apologize)"? #ALLIN," with a preview photo from the filming of the new video.

The new video features the four young adults in the band driving around in a black car with all of their performance equipment in the back on the way to perform in an abandoned location underneath a highway.

On June 4, the band tweeted again saying, "The time has finally come. "All In (Apologize)" - Official Music Video! @newreleasetue #ALLIN."

Steller Kart is a four-piece Christian pop band from Nashville, Tennessee, comprised of Adam Agee on vocals and guitar, Aliegh Shields on bass and vocals, Nick Baumhardt on guitars, and Jeremi Hough on drums. The band has changed a great deal over the years, with Agee representing the only remaining member of the original band.

"While it's often been said that 'change is good,' it can also be downright scary if we're honest. And oftentimes, it's in those uncertain moments, the ones where we're the least sure of what exactly God has for us, that we inevitably draw closer to Him than ever before," writes a biography of the band on

Although they have been through a great deal of change over the years, their great sound and encouraging religious sentiments remain intact. They are set to tour through the summer, starting on July 12, at the Sunnyview Expo Center in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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