Godzilla Sequel: Delayed to 2018


After breaking box-office records, Godzilla is confirmed for a sequel according to Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers; but fans will have to wait a little longer for it to be released as director Gareth Edwards will work on Star Wars Episode 7 spin-off for Disney and Lucas Film. The original plan was to release the sequel in 2016. Meanwhile, Star Wars Episode 7 is set fo a December 16, 2016 release date.

To date, Godzilla has recorded a staggering total grosses at $507,753,763 combining the total of both domestic and foreign gross records. The movie starred Aaron Johnson, Ken Watanabe, Juliette Binoche, Bryan Cranston, Sally Hawkins, Elizabeth Olsen and David Strathairn. Despite the mixed reviews from critics and viewers, the confirmed sequel is definitely a great treat to fans of the franchise.

Toho Co., the company that owns the Godzilla copyright has given Legendary a thumbs up signal to move ahead with working on its sequels, as well as the addition of new monster characters from the Godzilla world into the new movie.

At the recent San Diego Comic Con this year, it was finally revealed through a short clip that Godzilla 2 could probably be the biggest Kaiju battle in history; with the inclusion of three monsters namely King Ghidorah - a three headed but armless and two-tailed kaiju dragon monster and first appeared in Ghidorah, Rodan - a pteranodon kaiju appearing first in the film Rodan (1956) and Mothra - described as a moth resembling giant kaiju and first appeared in the film Mothra (1961).

And there's one more to heighten the excitement, with the mention of possible Godzilla vs King Kong movie from the Legendary Pictures' CEO Thomas Tull at SDCC Comic Con.


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