GoPro Hero 4 Release Date, News, and Other Spoilers: Gopro Hero 4 Promises an Improved Action Photography Experience!

gopro hero 4

When you think GoPro has done it all for action photography, better think again. It is official: GoPro Hero 4 is set to be released before Christmas.

What makes GoPro Hero 4 special is its specs. Unlike the ARM A7 processor in 3, GoPro Hero 4 can now capture videos up to 30 frames per second (fps) with a 4K resolution. In addition to that, it will be having an FPU-accelerator and a Cortex-A9 processor chip so you can expect both quality and accuracy for each shot you take. Another great feature is that it has the ability to record videos at a lower resolution but can still give a higher frame rate such as 1080 pixels at 120 frames per second and 720 pixels at 2490 frames per second. It will also come with a 13 megapixel photo sensor, great if you're the type who would do shoots or recordings at night. How's that for a spoiler?

Other features would include waterproof and compact build, great for underwater and heavy shoots,  a Wi-Fi module, and comes with a USB and HDMI ports, however, expect GoPro Hero 4's price to be more expensive than the last.

However, if you would look at its upgraded features, one would certainly not think badly of this highly sought after camera by cinematographers everywhere. Why? It's only one-third of a professional camera and can be attached to helmets and other sports equipment!

GoPro Hero 4's release date has been set to October 2014.  

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