Rock band Remedy Drive to release acoustic version of 'Resuscitate' June 4

Lincoln, NE, based rock band Remedy Drive will release their latest project Resuscitate in an acoustic version. Resuscitate: Acoustic Sessions is releasing on June 4.

Resuscitate was released in September 2012 on Centricity Music containing 10 songs:

1. Better Than Life

2. Lost Cause

3. Resuscitate Me

4. God I Hope So

5. What Are We Waiting For

6. Don't Forget

7. Make It Bright

8. Crystal Sea

9. Glory

10. Hold On

Since the release of the project, Remedy Drive uploaded on their Youtube channel many videos including the official music video for the first track from the project “Better than life,” Dave Mohr’s electric guitar tutorial for the song “Glory,” several acoustic videos , and a story behind the song “Gory,” to name a few.

To watch Remedy Drive’s videos visit

The band is currently on the road, visit for Remedy Drive tour dates.

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