McKameys offer soundbites from upcoming album ‘A Song Everyday’

In March, McKameys announced that they were going back in the studio working on their 49th project titled A Song Everyday.

McKameys shared, “We are excited about some new material and who knows, after our last project with Roger's lead vocals on "Unspoken Request" and the 1st time ever - a male trio within the group...wonder what surprises will be next..."

Just yesterday the group posted up a video featuring soundbites from their upcoming album. The video contains 12 snippets in total.

Music features wonderful harmonies and the message to comfort, strengthen the listener through the lyrics.

This year, McKameys also received 12 nominations in The Singing News Fan Awards!

Southern Gospel group McKameys started their music ministry with the sincere love for the Lord and their need to spread the Word to others through music.

The group was formed in 1954 as a trio of sisters Dora, Peg and Carol McKamey. Now it’s their 5th decade of music ministry.

Growing up in a household of the church minister, one day Dora announced to sisters that they will sing in the church as a trio.

Peg shares how the group started, "We just thought we were gonna sing that one time, in her home church, but different people heard us and invited us to sing at their church or at revivals. Then out of town evangelists heard us at the revivals and invited us to come to their church and we started traveling to Florida,Indiana and Ohio, and that's how it all started." 

Dora and Carol retired from the trio in 1971 and Peg’s children Connie and Sheryl stepped in.

Since then, the group went through several changes but never stopped with their ministry.

The group created the songs such as “I've Made Up My Mind", "Roll That Burden On Me," "I Will Trust You Lord," "Right On Time," or "Arise.”

Since then, Southern Gospel music grew rapidly and Peg shares, "It's bigger now than it ever has been. There are more people attending the concerts and the concerts are in auditoriums where they were at first only in churches. There are also stronger songs, and the music that enhances those songs has gotten better. There has been a lot of quality added to Gospel Music." 

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