Cody Clark of Luminate engaged

Lead guitarist and keyboardist of a popular band Luminate, Cody Clark is engaged to his fiancé Christina.

Luminate shared about Clark’s engaged on their official Facebook page wishing the couple a happy engagement.

Clark and Christina are now officially engaged.

Luminate, “For everyone who hasn't heard, Luminate would like to officially announce the future miss Cody and Christina Clark!!!! Happy engagement to them both!”

Pop band Luminate combined of Samuel Hancock - Vocals / Guitar / Piano, Cody Clark - Ld Guitar / Keys, Dusty Jakubik – Bass, and Aaron Mathew – Drums, released their newest project titled Welcome To Daylight last summer of 2012.

The album contains band’s single “Banner of Love.”

About Luminate:

In 2007, Luminate met an A&R representative from Sparrow Records at the festival and in 2009 the band singed the deal with the label. Then the band released their label debut titled Come Home in January 2011.

Samuel Hancock shares, “All my insecurities are on this record, and they are not hidden in any artistic, poetic way. I’m not a very sneaky writer. Our hope is that we’re not the only ones that deal with this stuff over and over, so we’ll share our stories to spark something in others.”

He continues, “We all have a purpose and destiny in the kingdom of God. We have to choose to be a part of it. And we want everyone to be a part of it.”

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