eBay: The most gender friendly company you’ll ever work in


If you're looking for a company to work into that not only pays well but also fair in gender, why not apply for eBay? The online shopping and auction service company  recently released a diversity report showing that it is the most gender diverse tech company out there in Silicon Valley with 42% of their employees (about 33,000) being women beating female-centric platform Pinterest by 2% and search engine, mail provider Yahoo by 5%.

It was also found out that the cause of eBay strong female population is through its Women's Initiative Network or WIN. Created three years ago, the program is designed encourage their female employees to stay with a goal for them to take on leadership roles in the future. Men do still make up the majority of the company, going up to 58% of the overall population where 72% hold leadership roles. eBay shares that they are trying to equal male-to-female ratio in their offices to foster a competitive yet level playing field for all. Furthermore, eBay pledges not only stop accommodating its doors to women alone as they are reported to actively recruit members of the LGBT community as well as advocate for the equal rights of same-sex couples.

This spells good news for the future of those planning to apply for work in Silicon Valley especially for women who are gearing up to take more challenging roles in the industry.

eBay beats social network moguls Facebook and Twitter and search engine front runner Google by more than 10% as it was reported that only 30% of their employee population are consisted of women and 2% consists of blacks.



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