Are you ready for the iPad 6? Rumors abound that it’s coming by October 2014


Arguably one of the best-selling tablets in recent memory, fans have been wondering when the newest iPad model is coming out? Well, they need not wonder further: the iPad 6, also known as the iPad Air 2, is rumored to be released by October 2014, based on previous iPad launch events.

The iPad 6 will come with the new iOS 8, which would translate to better images, messaging features, Spotlight and Safari specs, interactive widgets, a QuickType keyboard, Family Sharing (which allows up to up to 6 family members to share iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases without sharing accounts), iCloud Drive (which securely stores documents in iCloud), and a host of connectivity features and apps that run seamlessly with one another.

Like iPad Air, the iPad 6 will reportedly have a 9.7-inch display, but with better resolution and power efficiency. Expect the iPad 6 to be equipped with a faster 802.11ac wireless standard while running on an A8 chip, as against the A7 chip i iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, and iPhone 5S.

Alleged iPad 6 prototypes reveal a Touch ID fingerprint sensor incorporated in the design, which will make securing the tablet more convenient and personalized. A Smart Cover keyboard could possibly be added in; unlike Microsoft's Surface Touch keyboard, this will have multi-touch gesture support that turns the whole cover into a track pad. 



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