A trickier and fiercer Doctor set to battle T-Rex and more on Doctor Who’s next season


One of the longest running British series that has created a worldwide sensation, Doctor Who is set to make a comeback this coming September 2014. We have said goodbyes to too many doctors already but with an open heart welcome, the new one with high hopes that he will be as good as a doctor as the ones before him. Here are some of the things we have gathered so far about the new doctor, and what is to happen on the series.

The series have started filming last January 6 of this year with Peter Capaldi taking on the role of the doctor. According to Moffat, this season, they will be pushing the Doctor more by giving him a more familiar surrounding around him. Also, this season's doctor is going to be older, but also trickier and fiercer. Moffat loves the idea of the Doctor's regeneration and getting to create a completely new character. Fans will see him facing various creatures such as a T-rex, some droid and a new half-faced villain.

By the second episode, we will be seeing both the Doctor and Clara venturing into the Dalek. The visit is long overdue and its director, Ben Wheatley teases that it will all be behind the enemy's lines. If that's not enough to excite you, there will also be a Robin-Hood themed episode to give us some entertainment which also involves us seeing robot knights.

When it comes to Doctor Who, we should always have our eyes set to expect the unexpected. The show will premiere this 23rd of August 2014.



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