The Killing Season 4: The Final Season; Just Six Episodes And Its A Wrap-Up For The Show!


The Killing will be returning to your TV screens on August 1 thanks to Netflix. The serial crime drama was twice canceled by the AMC network before the on-demand Internet streaming media provider came to the rescue with a six-episode order for this year's final run.

The series which premiered on April 3, 2011, was critically acclaimed and was well-received by the viewing public for much of Season 1. However, the "who killed Rosie Larsen?" plot was certainly not enough to sustain viewer interest on the show for three entire seasons. Fans who began feeling cheated by the seemingly never-ending investigation on the Larsen case turned to the social media to air their disappointment with the US version of Denmark's "Forbrydelsen." AMC canceled the show first in July 2012 but agreed to give it another go for a third season.  On September 2013, AMC again canceled the series.

However, the series cliffhanger of an ending to "The Road to Hamelin," the last episode aired for Season 3, got the fans wanting for more. So, In response, Netflix ordered six episodes making up the entire fourth season that will all air on August 1 to tie up all the loose ends.

Mireille Enos, the lead actor in the show, playing Det. Sarah Linden, when asked about the turn in events, told Toronto Sun that "What's most helpful to me is to take the pieces that are positive and then turn a blind eye to everything else. So I'm mostly just grateful we had an audience base and we were doing the kind of kind of work that would warrant people to keep watching."



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