Lee Child's Jack Reacher will return as topbilled by Tom Cruise basing on new book " Never Go Back"


It wasn't a long time ago when Tom Cruise charmed many theatres on his hard boiled mystery thriller role in Jack Reacher, a movie based on Lee Child's novel 'One Shot'. It was a movie that skyrocketed to the top of the charts as soon as it hit the theatres at the time earning more than $280M worldwide. Fans are screaming for more, and alas Paramount have finally heed to their wishes.

Both the stars of the film Cruise and McQuarrie are very busy with their various acting jobs and guesting thus it will come to no surprise that the team is going to have a hard time setting a schedule. Still, the good news remains that this film is going to happen. Both Paramount and Skydance Productions are even out looking for talented people to join the film's crew as screenwriters. 

The sequel to the film is also based on another of Child's novels titled Never Go Back which was just published last September 2013. If we are to follow the sequence of the novel, then we will be bound to see Cruise, an ex-military cop travelling to Virginia and facing quite some emotional turmoil. He will be arrested for a crime that he doesn't remember and find out that he might have fathered a child years ago. How is he supposed to come out of that and still beat the bad guys? We leave that part out for you to watch it when it hit the cinemas.

We shall keep you up to date with the latest developments on the film, so stick around.



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