Universal Studios and Universal Orlando Resort come Together with El Reyy to Feature 'From Dusk Till Dawn’ Horror Mazes at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights

Universal Studios and Universal Orlando Resort come Together with El Reyy to Feature From Dusk Till Dawn' Horror Mazes at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights

The El Reyy network has teamed up with universal studios as well as Universal Orlando Resort in creation of mazes round the show which happens to be located around the Mexican border and above the cursed ancient ruins where the serpent creatures called the Culebras are meant to haunt the guests. filmmaker Robert Rodriguez states that the cult film horror 'From Dusk till dawn which has been adapted to  a Television series will endorse a "Halloween Horror Nights" experience that is meant to thrust the guests into the weird and macabre universe of 'From Dusk till Dawn'.

This is supposedly the ideal platform for the fans to experience what they know as the horror, by stepping into its world. Apparently it has been quite rewarding to work closely with the creative and production teams at Universal Studios Hollywood and the Universal Orlando Resort, and even he can't wait to experience it himself. 'From Dusk till Dawn' is based on a film by the same name. The plot is about a bank robber as well as his violent brother, wanted by the FBI after a bank heist ends in a lot of people dead. Now they have to fight for their survival against mythical creatures in a club they were in. the story also adds some back-story to what the creatures are and their motivations and origin stories from the Meso-American era.

The "Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights event is an ideal place for people to actually feel what they see on the show. The creative teams have spent a lot of time and money making sure that the experience has as much authenticity to it as possible with incredible detail being thrown into the mix. Rodriguez, who is the chairman and founder of the El Rey Network which is a 24 hour cable channel, stated that the event should begin on September 19th, this year.



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