Jars of Clay releases new, special live 6-song EP ‘Under the Weather (Live in Sellersville, Pa)’

Jars of Clay releases their new, special live 6-song EP titled Under the Weather (Live in Sellersville, Pa).

Jars of Clay, “We plan to offer some bonus goodies for anyone who downloads it directly from our website as we will throw in a brand new song from the forthcoming new record and some videos, too.”

The new EP contains some of Jars of Clay’s favorite performances and the band members think that their fans are going to love them as well.

The band, “If you did not get a chance to see us play this past year, this is for you.  If you did see us play… this is for you.”

Dan, Charlie, Matt, and Steve, will soon be making an announcement about the new album release date and presale options.

Under the Weather (Live in Sellersville, Pa) track list:

Weapons (Live)

Eyes Wide Open (Live)

Frail (Live)

Safe to Land (Live)

Worlds Apart (Live)

Dead Man (Live)

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