Dr. David Jeremiah Responds to COVID-19 by Releasing "Shelter in God"


On June 2, Dr. David Jeremiah will be releasing his latest book, Shelter in God: Your Refuge in Times of Trouble, to offer hope and inspiration as the world searches for answers and peace during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this deeply personal book, Dr. Jeremiah shares that God is always walking beside us and has never once forsaken us. During an era when the once-certain foundations of modern society have cracked in ways few thought possible, now is the time to Shelter in God

Throughout his latest work, Dr. Jeremiah shares the comfort that can be found in the Psalms, both now during the coronavirus pandemic and during all of life's greatest challenges. Dr. Jeremiah's words remind us that finding refuge in God is always our safest place.

"This unforeseen time of stillness and uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought upon us has led to both anxiety as well as reflection," Dr. David Jeremiah said recently. "I know that God has something good in store for all of us, even in the eye of the storm. I wrote this book with the hope of encouraging readers in their walk with God and helping them to experience the peace that only He can provide even when it feels as though the world is falling apart around us. This isn't the first time his children have encountered a crisis, and his promises are as true today as they were in every other plague, famine or terror that has taken place on earth. God's never failed us, and he won't start now."

Shelter in God: Your Refuge in Times of Trouble is an updated, abridged, and adapted compilation taken from his beloved book When Your World Falls Apart. In addition to the comforting and strength-giving truths of the Psalms and many captivating stories from throughout Scripture, Shelter in God provides a new introduction and material related specifically to our journey through life during the global pandemic.

Shelter in God will be available for purchase on Dr. David Jeremiah's website and all major publication sites. Pre-order is available now. 

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