Host of Moms in Prayer Podcast Lee Nienhuis Shares How to Raise Children with Strong Character in New Book

Lee Nienhuis

Communications specialist for Moms in Prayer International and sought-after speaker, Lee Neinhuis is ready to help parents overcome the difficulties of raising children with good character in today's society. In her new book, Countercultural Parenting: Building Character in a World of Compromise (June 2020, Harvest House Publishers), Nienhuis shares her personal experiences with raising her own four children with godly values in  today's broken world.

Nienhuis offers guidance to struggling parents by empowering them to be confident in themselves and face tough realities head on. She believes raising children to have virtue, work ethic and integrity goes against the current culture of inappropriate language, laziness and manipulation. 

"Raising a child of character will require constant attention, heavenly perspective, and endurance that we can scarcely imagine on this side of eternity," writes Nienhuis. 

In Countercultural Parenting, Neinhuis empowers parents to rely on their faith for the power to actively pursue a life of character, we value in God, for themselves and their children. The journey of raising children with the qualities God has intended for our lives requires support, advice and strength from Him.

"Your children are His, friend. They are. We are only caretakers of these little ones for a while, and how they turn out is steadfastly in His hand. The same hand that rescued us is reaching for them. The God that leaves the ninety-nine to find the one lost sheep is searching for our children right now. His love is unstoppable, and He does not rest in His pursuit. Hallelujah!"

About the Author: 

Lee Nienhuis is an author and passionate Bible teacher. She is the communications specialist for Moms in Prayer International and the host of the Moms in Prayer Podcast. Countercultural Parenting is Lee's second book with Harvest House. Her first book is Brave Mom, Brave Kits. A sought-after speaker, she shares a dynamic vision for the next generation of Christ-followers. Lee and her farmer-husband, Mike, have four kids and live in West Michigan.

About the Publisher: 

Harvest House publishes more than 140 books per year and carries a strong backlist offering more than 1,200 titles. Over 125 million Harvest House books have been sold worldwide through diverse distribution channels, and additional millions have sold in over 75 different languages.






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